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Smile with white teethCosmetic dentistry has made countless advances and improvements over the last few decades. People now have many more easy and convenient options to repair and replace teeth than those of previous generations. One of the most useful and versatile of those options is veneers. Available in different styles and materials, these dental appliances offer a number of benefits.

Patients with all different types of needs can be helped with various solutions involving veneers. Here at Esthetic Smiles we provide veneer placement procedures for new and returning guests. Our experienced dental professionals are fully equipped to offer you the best advice, as well as the proper oral care.

What Veneers Offer

Veneers provide treatment to a wide variety of problems involving the condition and shape of the teeth. Patients who suffer from anything from large gaps to chipped teeth to discoloration may be able to find a solution in these dental products. And the benefits are far from only being aesthetic. Veneers also provide increased strength and durability. For people who are not only concerned with the appearance of their teeth but also their stability and performance, this might be the right way to address the problem.

Veneers offer a level of cosmetic dental care between dental bonding and crowns. All three of these are used to treat many of the same conditions. However, since many people do not have insurance, cost is oftentimes a consideration as well. Veneers provide many of the same functions as bonding but at a higher quality and effectiveness. They also offer a number of the same advantages as crowns but at a notably lower price.

Providing Improved Look and Function

Sometimes teeth just get worn and damaged over time. Other times the need for visual and functional improvement may be caused by a facial trauma due to an accident or an injury. On other occasions, it might even be the result of a prior dental treatment such as a root canal. Regardless of why it is necessary, the fact is that it is also highly effective. In addition to the visual benefits of veneers, there are also the functional ones as well. These pieces, once cemented onto the tooth, reinforce its strength and structure. They also work to seal it from further decay and bacteria.

Porcelain vs. Resin Compounds

Veneers come in two main options in regards to their material makeup; porcelain and resin. Although porcelain is the most common and has plenty of advantages, resin compounds also offer some of their own benefits. Porcelain looks more natural and catches the reflection of light in a similar manner to natural teeth. It is also easier to shade and blends in better with regular teeth. However, resin veneers sometimes require fewer steps to place. The best advice is to discuss your options with our dentist and make your decision from there.

Veneers are a fantastic option to take care of a number of cosmetic and restorative dental needs. From shading to strengthening to appearance, these appliances offer solutions for many problems. Contact our clinic Esthetic Smiles to find out more about what we can do for you. We are available at 805-365-4222.
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At Esthetic Smiles we provide dental veneers for all of our wonderful patients. Our experienced dental professionals are fully equipped to offer you the proper oral care.
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