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Tooth Filling Oxnard CA

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materialsTooth decay remains one of the most common dental issues that most people face. If you do not take care of your teeth or clean them regularly, you are most likely to struggle with issues of tooth decay. Luckily, a wide range of solutions exists that can be useful in dealing with tooth decay. If the decay is not too advanced, dental fillings are the perfect option. Call Esthetic Smiles to speak to our dentists today about dental fillings.

What is a Filling?

Tooth decay issues result in holes in the teeth called cavities. These are areas on the teeth that are damaged and develop into holes. If left unattended, you might end up needing a more comprehensive root canal treatment or complete removal and the fitting of an implant. However, when discovered early, tooth fillings can be the perfect solution. Decay will most likely end up weakening or even completely destroying the teeth. However, fillings can help restore and strengthen the teeth. It is a dental restoration procedure that fixes the minor cracks in the teeth.

The Dental Filling Procedure

A dental filling is a relatively simple process. In most cases, you will only need one visit or appointment. It is a procedure that our dentist will be able to finish in less than an hour. The first step, like any other dental procedure, will be to investigate and analyze the area to determine whether dental fillings are an appropriate solution. If the cavity is too deep, then the dentist might recommend such solutions as complete tooth extraction and replacement with dental implants, or a root canal. If the decay is not too advanced, then fillings will be the perfect option.

After the determination of the suitability of dental fillings, the next step is to administer an anesthetic on the affected tooth. This acts as a numbing agent, reducing or eliminating any pain or discomfort that the patient might feel during the procedure. The dentist will then remove any decayed material in the cavities and the tooth, preparing for the filling. After this removal, the dentist will then clean the area and ensure that there is no debris, plaque, or tartar remaining. With a clean and prepared tooth, the next stage is the actual filling.

Fillings are typically made from a malleable material, a moldable filling material that hardens when exposed either to UV light or air. After the filling process, our dentist might then shape the area of the tooth to improve the look and functionality. In some cases, UV light curing might be used to further enhance the drying and hardening process.

Caring for Dental Fillings

Aftercare for dental fillings is very important, especially given the fact that they are necessitated by tooth decay. To ensure that tooth decay does not happen again, it is important to maintain regular flossing and brushing. Our dentist recommends brushing twice a day and flossing at least twice a day. Further, you should also visit our dentist for regular cleanings.

Do you have any questions about dental fillings? Call Esthetic Smiles at 805-365-4222 and speak to our dentist today.
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We here at Esthetic Smiles, we always try to treat a cavity before it progresses into a more serious complication. Which is why we offer dental fillings for patients.
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