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Smile Makeover Oxnard CA

With the many advancements made by the dental field in the last several years, people have many more options available to them for a number of different types of treatments. For general cosmetic dentistry, the possibilities are even more impressive. Anything from dull and yellow teeth to full-mouth implants can be provided, depending on your personal, dental requirements.

Our oral healthcare professionals here at Esthetic Smiles are experienced in offering all kinds of these procedures to our clients. In so many cases, patients wait far too long to look into the possibility of a smile makeover. Most of the time, it is because they simply do not have the information about it in the first place.

What Is a Smile Makeover?

In the most general terms, a smile makeover is when a patient puts two or more cosmetic dental treatments and procedures together into an overall, larger restorative treatment. For example, you may want to have a whitening service performed, as well as placing veneers. Others might want to have a much more involved process, such as extractions, a gum lift, as well as implants.

Regardless of the details, it can offer an effective way to correct as many dental issues as possible, while also doing it in a shorter amount of time than if you separated the procedures into separate tasks.

For a Loose or Missing Tooth

For this particular problem, a smile makeover can offer a number of different solutions, depending on what other treatments you were planning on having in addition to this one. Crowns and bridges are two common ways to secure one or more teeth. For missing teeth, partial dentures and implants are the most popular.

For Cracked, Chipped and Broken Teeth

This problem also offers multiple solutions, depending on how long you want the treatment to last, as well as the cost. Bonding is a very inexpensive way to correct this problem, while still being effective and comfortable. Crowns are also a good choice. Extractions and implant placement is the highest quality, longest lasting and most dependable, but it is also much more expensive than other options.

Improving Brightness and Color

As previously mentioned, this is a very common treatment to include with other smile makeover procedures. Although gel and paste whitening, along with hydrogen peroxide bleaching solutions are the most frequently used methods of increasing the appeal of your smile, an often overlooked option is veneers. And since they also increase stability and strength, they can serve a functional purpose if needed.

Tooth Shape, Length and Width

One of the best ways to improve a smile concerns reshaping the teeth. This can be done with a simple bonding procedure or, with veneers and even crowns, depending on how much you want to include into anything else that you might be having done.

Do not let an unattractive smile give the wrong impression about you any longer. If you suffer from any of the issues listed on this page, simply contact the dental professionals here at Esthetic Smiles. We would be glad to work with you to find a solution for your oral health needs. You can reach us at 805-365-4222.
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A smile makeover is when a patient puts two or more cosmetic dental treatments and procedures together into a larger restorative treatment. Call today to learn more!
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