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Same Day Crown Oxnard CA

At Esthetic Smiles, we utilize top of the line dental technologies to help you maintain optimal oral health.

We know that, despite your best efforts, your teeth can suffer damages, such as chips or cracks, from teeth grinding, or may suffer from an infection that compromises the strength of your tooth.

Dental crowns are often used in this case; however, they often take up to two weeks to fabricate in a lab.

With CEREC technology, we can provide you with same day dental crowns here at Esthetic Smiles.

What is a Crown?

A crown is a dental restoration that encapsulates the entire visible portion of a damaged or weakened tooth, mimicking a natural crown.

Crowns are used in a variety of different applications, such as holding a cracked tooth together and protecting it from further harm, providing strength to a weak tooth, or to protect a tooth that has undergone a root canal.

We do everything we can to protect you from missing teeth.

Dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic fixes, such as misshapen teeth or teeth that are severely discolored.

Crowns can be made from a variety of different materials such as gold, porcelain fused to metal, and resin, but the most commonly used material is ceramic.

How are Crowns Traditionally Made?

No matter which material is used for your dental crown, the traditional process is the same.

First, your tooth is prepared, which involves trimming or shaving down the tooth. This is done to provide sufficient space for the crown to fit over the tooth both comfortably and naturally.

An impression is taken of the area. If you have opted for a ceramic crown, a color guide is used to match the rest of your teeth.

Both the mold and the color information is sent to the lab, where the crown is created. You are provided with a temporary crown while you wait. It can take up to two weeks for your crown, after which you will return to the office and the crown is cemented in place.

CEREC Crowns

The technology used in the dental industry is constantly evolving, and CEREC crowns are an example of technological progress.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic, and CEREC allows a quick and effective crown for a patient by utilizing CAD/CAM technology.

CEREC crowns do not require the use of temporary crowns while waiting for the custom-fit crown to be made.

Esthetic Smiles can place CEREC crowns in just two hours, eliminating the two week wait typically required for a custom-fit crown to be made.

Why Should I Have a CEREC Crown?

Instead of having to book several appointments and fit them around a busy schedule, our patients can have the whole procedure completed in just two hours.

This removes the need for a temporary crown, as well as removing the wait time usually involved when having a custom-fit crown made.

CEREC crowns are made via CAD/CAM technology. A machine mills the crown out of a solid block of porcelain or resin. This allows the process to be quicker and more precise.

CEREC crowns are the most comfortable crowns available, as they fit snugly into the dental arch.

During the process of having a CEREC crown placed, the impression of the patient's dental arch is taken digitally, meaning there is no need for dental putty.

Furthermore, the aftercare is less laborious, and less sensitivity should be felt after the surgery.

What Is Involved in Having a CEREC Crown Placed?

A consultation appointment is necessary to assess the tooth that is having a crown, and what type of crown the patient would like to be placed.

CEREC crowns are made of either porcelain or resin, which both feel natural within the oral cavity. The color of the CEREC crown can be matched to the shade of the remaining natural teeth.

Our oral surgeon will talk the patient through the procedure, and a date will be set at the patient's convenience. The process begins much like a normal crown placement would.

The affected tooth is cleaned and then filed down in order for the crown to be placed on top. The cleaning is done to prevent any bacteria from being trapped beneath the crown after it has been placed.

Then our oral surgeon will take digital scans of the dental arch and will transfer the data to the CAD/CAM machine. The milling of the tooth should take 15 to 20 minutes.

The crown is scrutinized for any discrepancies and then securely fastened onto the tooth. Some sensitivity and bleeding may be experienced for a few days.

Ultimately the tooth should last 15 years if the patient exercises good oral health practices such as brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

CEREC Crown Benefits

The process of getting a CEREC crown takes just a couple of hours. The digital images will be taken in minutes, compared to the lengthy process of getting traditional impressions.

Patients will not need to worry about wearing a temporary crown for up to two weeks, as they will get the CEREC crown placed on the same day as it is needed.

When it comes to aesthetics, no other type of dental crown is able to compete with what can be offered by the CEREC crown. CEREC crowns can last for an average of 10 years.

With good care, however, they could last significantly longer.

CEREC Crown Candidates

If you are wondering whether you are a good candidate for a CEREC crown, this is a decision made by our dentist.

However, some general guidelines for a good candidate include those with cavities, root canals, chipped tooth, or tooth discoloration. It is good for a patient to be in good health when performing the procedure.

Generally speaking, if a patient is a good candidate for a regular crown, they will be an excellent candidate for a CEREC crown.

Teeth that are fitted with crowns, whether due to a restorative treatment or to resolve a cosmetic concern, will need to be free from decay.

dental crowns in oxnard

When you have a tooth that needs strengthening, you shouldn't have to wait two weeks after the issue is resolved for a permanent restoration.

With CEREC same day crowns, we can provide you with your restoration shortly after the tooth is prepared. Contact Esthetic Smiles at 805-365-4222 today for more information!

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