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Same Day Crown Oxnard CA

Rendering of jaw with dental crownCrowns are used to cover imperfections on teeth. Some of these imperfections include damage and discoloration or can also be used in the case of dental implants. These are very beneficial when you need to restore the appearance and usage of damaged or missing teeth. Same day crowns have several benefits that traditional crowns do not and we can explain these during your visit with our professionals at Esthetic Smiles.

Why Same Day Crowns Are Important

Same day crowns serve two purposes: aesthetics and health. Cosmetically, these crowns can be made to look just like your natural teeth. For instance, materials such as resin composite, ceramic, or porcelain will perfectly match the color of your teeth. They do not have metal cores, like traditional crowns would but they are more durable than the traditional ones. They have longer lifespans and are resistant to abrasion.

Infection is a risk following treatment for dental damage or maldevelopment. Crowns, because they cover the entirety of the tooth, prevent bacteria from getting into the tooth and causing infection. These also make activities, such as eating, much easier since they function like regular teeth. Some materials are more durable than resin composite, ceramic, or porcelain, but they do not match natural tooth color. For instance, zirconia and other metals can be used.

Crown Procedure

Same day crowns take much less time to complete compared to traditional crowns. For example, traditional crowns can take several weeks to process, but same day crowns can be made on the same day as the dental images are taken. Our dentist will first use digital photography, also called computer-aided design (CAD) or computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), to produce a 3D graphic of the crown. Our dentist also gets digital images of your tooth and jaw.

Once we have these, we use a type of 3D printer to produce the crown. This only takes about fifteen minutes to complete. After completion, we will place your new crown and check for a good fit. We ensure that this stays in place by using a dental cement, which is then activated with an ultraviolet light so that it hardens in place. We finish the procedure by polishing your new crown so that it has a nice appearance.

Crown Care

There is a bit of maintenance that goes into same day crowns despite them being stronger than traditional crowns. You will receive specific instructions at your appointment. In general, you will need to avoid sticky or hard foods in the first couple of days following your procedure. These could accidentally damage the crowns or irritate your gums that are still recovering from the treatment.

Oral hygiene practices will remain the same with a crown in place. This includes brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing them once a day. Use a fluoride-based toothpaste to ensure your teeth remain healthy. You should also come in for routine dental cleanings every six months.

Conditions like bruxism (teeth grinding) can also damage crowns. If this is an issue for you, our dentist may recommend fitting you with a night guard to protect your teeth. For more information on same day crowns, call Esthetic Smiles at 805-365-4222 today.
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Same day crowns have several benefits that traditional crowns do not. Our professionals at Esthetic Smiles can explain these to you during a visit. Call today!
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