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Porcelain Crown Oxnard CA

Smiling mature woman with beautiful teeth touching her faceCrowns are one of the most common and effective solutions to a number of dental issues which people face frequently. In addition to being strong, durable and reliable, porcelain crowns also offer visual appeal as well, more so than many alternative options. This, among many other reasons is why it is such a popular choice of patients and dentists alike when looking for a solution to many oral health concerns.

Our practice here at Esthetic Smiles has provided this service to countless patients. Whether a first time visitor or a lifelong client, our dental professionals make sure that you get the treatment you need to have a set of strong and beautiful teeth.

Recommendations for Traditional Crowns

Porcelain crowns are highly versatile and even customizable dental appliances. They can be used to treat or correct multiple different dental issues. Because of this fact, they are often recommended for most instances in which another treatment option may be available. Their main function is to protect and stabilize an existing tooth (or teeth) from further decay or damage.

Crowns can be used to bring support and stability not only to your existing teeth but also to other dental appliances as well, such as bridges.

How They Work

Crowns are small caps which are designed to fit over existing teeth to stop any bacteria or infections from causing further damage. Since they are customizable and can be shaped to fit any area on the tooth, they can be used to correct a number of specific issues, both restorative and cosmetic.

Who They Are For

Anyone who suffers from problems with their teeth but do not need extractions performed can oftentimes find some type of solution with crowns. The main goal of any dental professional is usually to save the natural tooth when possible. Crowns remove the need for implants or other devices which take the place of the tooth, rather than just reinforcing and securing it. People who suffer from cracks, chips, breaks, gaps or anything else to do with the shape, size or even color of their teeth may be able to find an effective treatment with crowns.

A Viable Long Term Solution

One of the best things about crowns is the fact that they can last a very long time. With the correct placement, a proper at-home oral care regimen and regular trips to the dentist, these appliances can last up to fifteen years before needing replacement. Caring for crowns is no different than caring for your natural teeth. Brushing twice a day, along with rinsing, flossing and regular cleanings will keep your crown in top shape and function for years to come.

Porcelain crowns can provide both the look and feel of your natural tooth/teeth while also improving their function. Biting, chewing and even speaking can all become easier when you have them placed. Here at Esthetic Smiles, our dental experts are quite familiar with this procedure and would be glad to provide it any of our current or new clients. We also offer same day crowns for certain patients. Give our office a call at 805-365-4222 to find out more.
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Porcelain crowns can provide both the look and feel of your natural tooth/teeth while also improving their function. Call Esthetic Smiles to learn more today!
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