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Invisalign Clear Aligners Oxnard CA

For people who struggle with misaligned teeth, the results can sometimes be just as frustrating as the corrective options used to be.

For those who suffer from severely misaligned teeth, they can oftentimes be embarrassed about showing them.

This makes even the simplest activities such as talking or laughing uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, for many years the only treatment option was even more uncomfortable and embarrassing.

But now, with the advancements in cosmetic dentistry and more specifically, teeth straightening techniques, those issues are a thing of the past.

Here at Esthetic Smiles, our expert practitioners offer Invisalign, an innovative and convenient way to straighten and realign your teeth without bulky metal appliances. Here is more information:

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a revolutionary teeth straightening treatment which utilizes technology to make the process as simple and conspicuous as possible.

Instead of the conventional metal braces which have been the traditional method of straightening teeth, Invisalign uses clear, plastic trays to minimize the appearance and cumbersomeness of the appliance.

As far as the patients themselves go, nearly any one of them would agree that when it comes to a low maintenance, highly effective straightening option, this is by far the best choice.

How It Works

Invisalign utilizes clear trays designed from a mold of your teeth to straighten them, as opposed to the bulky metal applications of traditional braces.

And unlike braces which have to be constantly adjusted, requiring more frequent trips to see the dentist, Invisalign replaces the existing trays with new ones which have slightly different dimensions as your alignment process moves further along.

These comfortable and convenient trays are switched out once the desired effects have been reached with the previous ones.

Advantages vs. Traditional Braces

In addition to the aforementioned benefits such as the fact that Invisalign trays are hardly noticeable, as well as being much more comfortable and requiring fewer trips to the dental clinic, there are also number of other advantages as well.

Sometimes having big, metal, dental appliances such as braces can be just as embarrassing as crooked and out-of-place teeth.

With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about how you appear to others.

In addition to that, braces have a tendency to become misaligned or damaged just through the simple, daily activities of eating and speaking.

When this happens, another trip to the dentist will be necessary to readjust them.

When using Invisalign, the only times you will have to come back are when you are getting a new set of trays and your progress needs to be tracked.

Woman smiling holding clear aligners

What the Process Is Like

Getting evaluated and fitted for your Invisalign trays is a very simple and straightforward process.

Once you sit down and speak with our dental professional about your plans for straightening your teeth, a basic exam will most likely be performed.

This is to determine the extent of the treatment that you will need, as well as whether or not Invisalign is the right option for you.

If it is, the next step will be to capture images of your teeth to create your custom dental trays.

Once this is completed, our dentist will go over the specific instructions for your individual process.

Invisalign is a fantastic way to straighten your teeth without the hassle and inconvenience of traditional braces.

To learn more about whether it is right for you, simply contact us at 805-365-4222.

Invisalign in Oxnard

Here at Esthetic Smiles, we specialize in helping people just like you achieve the smile that they have always dreamed of with Invisalign.

Contact us today at 805-365-4222 to schedule your appointment!

Check out our Invisalign FAQ page for more information!

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Here at Esthetic Smiles, our experts offer Invisalign, an innovative and convenient way to straighten and realign your teeth without bulky metal appliances.
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