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Bad Oral Hygiene Habits To Eliminate

Posted on 9/5/2022 by Dr. John Abajian
Bad Oral Hygiene Habits To EliminateBad oral hygiene habits may cause severe damage to the teeth and gums that are painful to restore. To maintain the health of the teeth, individuals should adopt the necessary ways to get rid of these habits and replace them with good ones.

Eating or Chewing Raw Ice

Ice has a low temperature that causes tooth sensitivity, especially for frequent eaters of ice. The cold temperatures bring a lot of pain and discomfort when chewing or consuming other food products. More so, some forms are too hard, which may cause the teeth to fracture or develop abrasion.

Also, the cold sensation causes the mouth to be numb; hence the individual may not know when a tooth breaks off. Therefore, each individual should regulate ice eating to avoid the buildup of problems.

Hard Brushing

The complex brushing activity is terrible for the teeth' health since it causes gums' recession and also wears off the teeth' enamel. Therefore, when brushing the teeth, ensure a gentle motion is applied.

Using Toothbrush with Rigid Bristles

Regular brushing of teeth with toothbrushes that have rigid bristles harm the soft gums of the teeth and may result in bleeding and the formation of wounds due to the damage. However, individuals should opt for a soft toothbrush that is dental-approved to use while brushing.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is a breeding ground for attacks by bacteria since the saliva doesn't balance the Ph. in the mouth that fights against bacterial infection. Therefore, drinking adequate water is needed since it maintains the mouth's moisture, keeping away debris that allows the buildup of bacterial infections.

Generally, to maintain excellent oral health, individuals should mitigate bad habits and ensure that positive ways are adopted to influence quality dental hygiene. More so, dental care is a perfect option to get rid of these bad habits.

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