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Oral care tips for Halloween treats

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Dr. John Abajian
Oral care tips for Halloween treatsHalloween is the holiday associated with eating habits that massively affect dental health. There is plenty of unhealthy consumption of sweets and candies. Keeping your child away from sweets and maintaining great oral health goes a long way in maintaining proper dental conditions. We can help you explore some better ways and treats than sweets. The recommended treats aim to keep the oral health in check and the kid happy.

Halloween Candy

Halloween candy contributes massively to building the plaque on the teeth that leads to decay and cavities. Some sweets contain unhealthy sugar content, which is advised against taking large amounts. Hard candy is the worst kind of sweet. For instance, lollipops stay in the mouth for long. The prolonged duration of the lollipops in the mouth allows the acids to attack the enamel.

Consequently, tooth fractures or chips remain common occurrences in one's mouth. Sticky treats such as gummy worms should be avoided as they stick to the teeth for longer periods after being taken. Chewing gums are the safest treats to be brought as they lead to the constant production of saliva that rinses the mouth. Sugar-free gum can help reduce the plaque and bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Protection for Halloween

Halloween can be a very healthy holiday for your child. Maintaining rules on candy and being able to supervise what candy they consume goes a long way in preventing dental-related issues. Limit the consumption of candy by the child by rationing the amount of candy the kids take at a time. The rationing will teach them discipline and take care of their teeth. Eating sweets while drinking water is another way of creating an order for snacks. You can also try to offer something else in exchange for sweets. For instance, new toys in exchange for candies could be an offer they would take.

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