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Tooth-Smart Snacking

Posted on 7/4/2022 by Dr. John Abajian
Tooth-Smart SnackingSmart snacking involves reducing the frequency with which children consume snacks between meals and selecting foods that are superior to others in terms of variety and texture. It is preferable to consume the entire snack at once instead of nibbling it throughout the day. Additionally, reducing carbohydrate and processed food snacking is beneficial.

Crackers, chips, sugar-sweetened yogurt tubes, etc., contain an abundance of simple carbs rapidly converted to glucose by salivary enzymes. Glucose is the energy supply for cavity-causing bacteria. Also helpful is limiting chewy and sticky foods. These foods can become lodged in the groves of the back teeth and remain on the teeth for extended periods, increasing the likelihood of developing cavities.

How can I snack intelligently to prevent tooth decay?

Before consuming a snack, you should inquire about the food's composition. Is it chock-full of sugar? If it is, reconsider. A different option would be healthier for your teeth. Moreover, remember that some types of sweets are more harmful than others. Sweets that are sticky or chewy adhere longer to the surface of your teeth. Because sticky snacks remain in the mouth longer than rapidly chewed and swallowed items, they provide a more extended sugar bath for the teeth.

Do you frequently consume sugary snacks throughout the day, or is a dessert typically reserved for after dinner? It would help if you also considered the timing and frequency of your snacking. When you have a sweet snack, harmful acids build on your tongue. At least twenty minutes pass before the acids are neutralized and no longer pose a threat to your teeth. Therefore, the more frequently you consume sugary snacks throughout the day, the more regularly you provide bacteria with the fuel they require to create tooth decay. Eating sweets is recommended to consume them as a dessert after a large meal rather than multiple times during the day between meals.

After eating sweets at any meal or snack, you should thoroughly wash your teeth using fluoride toothpaste. For more information pay a visit to our offices today.

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