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Same Day Dentistry Can Help You Save Your Time for Dental Visits

Posted on 4/11/2022 by Dr. John Abajian
Same Day Dentistry Can Help You Save Your Time for Dental VisitsDental technologies are improving and dentists can today offer patients more same-day treatment options from aligners to implants to traditional crowns or even tooth repair. Early on, a majority of patients and even dental specialists were a bit doubtful of same-day dentistry. However, with improved technologies and evolved workflows, hesitant patients and dentists now have a better understanding of how digital dental technologies such as 3D scanners, cone beams, mills, and intraoral scanners can provide faster, better, and more precise results while also reducing the appointments a patient has to make to get their treatments.

One Visit Implants

Today, placement of implants can be done in a single visit. Previously, it needed time for prep work, and often, it would take several visits to a dentist before the treatment is complete. However, now, it is possible to receive an implant, abutment, and crown within a single appointment.

3D Aligners, Nightguards, and Trays

Dentists are nowadays able to provide same-day retainers, aligners, and bleaching trays to their patients. Typically, patients would have to wait for about three or four weeks before receiving their first aligner, but these days, they can get started immediately. On the day of the initial appointment, you are able to get your first few aligners that you take home with you – thanks to technologies such as intraoral 3D imaging and extraoral 2D imaging whereby the images are placed in software, making it possible to design patient's aligners and develop a treatment plan within just one day.

Dental Emergencies

Same-day dentistry goes beyond receiving restorations and oral appliances. If you suffer a dental emergency that is painful and threatens the survival of your teeth, immediate treatment can help save the tooth that would otherwise have been lost. For instance, if you have cracks, chips, tooth pain, tooth loss from an accident, or even tissue injuries, same-day dentistry can help provide the right treatment or repair and save your tooth. To find out what same-day dentistry can do and what it involves, contact our general dentist office for more information.

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