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Good diet makes healthy teeth

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Dr. John Abajian
Good diet makes healthy teethIt is important to note that one's oral health equals what one eats. A healthy diet goes hand in hand with a healthy oral cavity. Consuming highly nutrient-dense foods results in healthy teeth and gums. If nutrients are inadequate, the mouth and body, in general, will have difficulty resisting infections and fighting off harmful bacteria. When the mouth cannot fight infection, there is a rise in periodontal diseases and other oral conditions.

A good diet for healthy teeth

Whole grains are packed with vitamins and iron, which are essential in keeping the gums healthy. They also have magnesium for bone development and nourishment. Foods such as brown rice, pasta, cereals, and bran are good sources of whole grains. Foods rich in calcium are the next essential ingredient to healthy teeth. Calcium-rich foods are also high in phosphorous, essential for strengthening the teeth and bones. Calcium, especially for children, is essential in preventing tooth decay. Foods such as meat, bones, and eggs have strengthened enamels which are unlikely to erode or wear off.

The acidity from this plaque bacterium causes a series of dental conditions such as erosion and tooth decay. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fiber-rich foods helps maintain the easy flow of saliva, which helps wash down bacteria and defend the tooth against tooth decay. Chewing on carrots, cucumbers, and pears helps wash down harmful bacteria as all that crunching acts as a cleansing mechanism. Dairy milk and cheese also help lower acidity levels in the mouth produced by bacteria in the mouth.

Drinking water has many health benefits not only to the mouth but also to the entire body. Drinking plenty of water also helps in reversing early tooth decay as well as helping neutralize bacteria in the mouth. Fluoridated water is also good as it helps harden the tooth enamel. In addition to proper nutrition, nothing beats regular dental checkups and follow-ups to help diagnose and prevent diseases.

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