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What Are Those Things In the Dentist's Office

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Dr. John Abajian
What Are Those Things In the Dentist's OfficeThe dentist's office will have many tools that are geared to ensure they maintain the oral health of patients. Going to a dentist is intimidating especially if you see tools that you do not know what they are. Most of the tools in the dentist's office are for cleaning and removing plaque and tartar in the mouth of patients mainly in gums and teeth.

Saliva ejector

This is the most common tool in the dentist's office. The saliva ejector holds saliva from the cheeks, tongue, teeth and sucks it up in the mouth. This will help the dentist to work in the mouth without a mouth full of saliva.


This is a common tool too in the dentist's office it helps in opening your mouth wide to enable the dentist to see what they are doing. The tool helps you to relax the mouth and the jaws without fully closing them. The dentist will keep asking you to open the mouth if they do not have this tool and this can be tiring. The dentist will use a flashlight to look inside the mouth and see what they are doing much easily.


This is a scraper that tales off the plaque and tartar in the gums and In between the teeth. The scaler is sharp and makes many patients feel intimidated. If you have gingivitis the dentist will use this tool more and it might hurt a little since the gums are inflamed because of the bacteria. If the gum disease is not severe worry not for the dentist will use anesthesia.


The probe is specifically made for the gums though it is similar to a scaler. It checks the presence of gum disease and is used more if you have any gum disease. Visit our dentist and you will learn more about the equipment they use to treat and examine you

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