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What are the Four Conscious Sedation Drugs Used in Dentistry?

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Dr. John Abajian
What are the Four Conscious Sedation Drugs Used in Dentistry?Oral conscious sedation is very common in dental practices. This method is mainly used in patients having extremely minimal dental work done. It is also ideal for those that need to help get rid of their dental anxiety. The four conscious sedation drugs used in dentistry are:


This is a drug used to relieve anxiety. Upon administration, propofol takes around two minutes to start working. Once the treatment is successfully administered, you will recover from its effects quickly. It is important to note that propofol doesn't last as long as other types of sedatives.


Midazolam is subordinate to a group of drugs commonly referred to as benzodiazepines. The primary function of this drug is to cause temporary memory loss in a patient. It is also used to reduce ancestry. We administer this sedative by directly injecting it into your veins. You start feeling the effects of this drug in less than four minutes. Note that Midazolam doesn't affect the heart or lungs.


This is another common type of sedative. It is a derivative of a psychedelic drug called phencyclidine. Its primary purpose is to reduce anxiety and memory. It also relieves discomfort during a dental procedure. It helps relieve pain and is ideal, especially for shorter procedures. This is because its effects start wearing off after ten minutes. In simpler terms, you will go back to normal ten minutes after the administration of this drug.


This is the final type of sedative used in dentistry. It helps a patient fall asleep without being entirely unconscious. Like most of the sedatives listed here, this one is also administered through the vein. However, its administration is slightly different from the others because it is administered continuously throughout the procedure. This is more like traditional anesthesia. Contact us for more information on conscious sedation.
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