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What Is an Extraction

Posted on 11/22/2021 by Dr. John Abajian
What Is an ExtractionWhen you visit our clinic, our dentist can recommend that you receive a tooth extraction. You might be wondering what the reason is for that, but in most cases, it can be the best and only solution to effectively treat your condition. If you do not fully understand what entails an extraction you are in the right place. Our dentists are always ready to educate and provide you all the information required so that you understand why a certain procedure is necessary.

In simple terms, an extraction is completely removing a tooth or several teeth. The dentist after performing an examination can diagnose a dental condition that necessitates the removal of one or more teeth.

Why is extraction necessary

Several reasons may make a dentist decide to complete your tooth or teeth. In many cases, when it comes to this, there is not much that is left to save the tooth, and removal is seen as the only option.

Crowded Teeth

As people grow and develop, there is a likelihood that they can experience crowded teeth. This is especially true if you develop all four wisdom teeth. When this happens, teeth will begin to overlap, causing issues such as when you are biting or chewing. To correct this our dentist can remove one or two teeth to offer more room for teeth to grow into.


When you have severe tooth decay, it can extend to your blood vessels and nerves. The infection can affect your gums and too, and it can lead to severe dental illnesses. Removing the damaged tooth could be an effective treatment to avoid future complications.

Gum Disease

This is an infection of the tissues that provide support for the teeth in your mouth such as gums and bones. When they have an infection, it becomes painful to bite and chew and the dentist can recommend an extraction to treat the condition.

Visit us at our clinic if you need a tooth extraction. You will have a medical assessment first to determine whether or not you need an extraction or another form of treatment.

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