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Your Health May Depend on Restoring a Lost Tooth

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Dr. John Abajian
Your Health May Depend on Restoring a Lost ToothIf you have a missing tooth, you need to have the gap filled in. Otherwise, you can develop problems with your dental health, which can impact your health overall.

Why You Need to Restore a Lost Tooth

You need to fill in any gaps in your mouth with a restoration, such as a bridge or implant. Doing so can prevent future dental problems with shifting teeth, decay, and gum disease. If you do not replace a missing tooth, your gum will shrink, and you can also suffer future bone loss. A lost tooth can also cause problems with eating and biting and therefore throw off your bite. If this happens, you can have issues with eating the foods you need to eat to support good nutrition.

How You Can Restore a Lost Tooth

In most cases, we recommend that you replace a lost tooth with a dental implant and restoration. Doing so will keep the gum healthy and the bone from resorbing. If a tooth is missing, the gum will shrink, and you will suffer bone loss, as the natural root of a tooth is gone. This prevents the regeneration of the cells that support bone and tissue health. If there is no tooth in place, the body stops producing the cells that once were used to support and anchor the tooth. However, a dental implant will fuse with the bone, so the cells continue to regenerate. If you cannot afford an implant, a bridge will keep the teeth from shifting and maintain proper dentition.

Other Ways a Lost Tooth Affects One's Health

Besides nutritional concerns, a lost tooth makes it easier for bacteria to accumulate and affect the gums and bones. Also, if the teeth shift and become crowded, it is more difficult to clean the teeth and prevent decay. If the decay is deep, it can lead to an infection that can spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, having a lost tooth is not a small matter as far as your overall health is concerned.

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