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There Is Something About Your Nose and Mouth

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Esthetic Smiles
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You may not have considered it, but your nose and mouth work together quite well most of the time. In fact, the reason you can smell and taste your delicious food is that these two body areas collaborate daily. If you are not smelling or tasting your food in quite the same way you used to, there are reasons your senses may not be working as well as you want them to.

Your Nose and Mouth Are a Team

It is hard to imagine your nose and mouth not working together. Your nose smells something delicious, which causes your mouth to fill with saliva because you are ready to eat that great-smelling food. Once you put a bite in your mouth, your taste buds confirm that your nose is right and something is delicious. Without your nose or your taste buds, you could not begin to chew or digest your food in the same way.

When Something Is Not Right

If you are not smelling or tasting your food in the same way, you may have an issue that is preventing you from enjoying your favorite meal. First, if you have allergies or a cold, you may be congested, which means your nose is stopped up and unable to smell your food. You may also notice that if you are congested, your food does not taste as good because you cannot smell it first.

Is your nose allergy-free and uncongested? Then, you may have an issue with your tongue. Your taste buds lie directly on your tongue, and they help you taste your food. The taste buds can taste specific flavors, such as sweet, sour, salty, or bitter. If you are not tasting your food the same way, part of it may be age-related. As we age, we lose some of our sense of smell as well as our taste buds. You may also need to clean your tongue to help your taste buds out. Try brushing your tongue when you brush your teeth each day to see if that helps your taste buds.

Not sure what the problem is with your taste buds? Why not come in to see our dentist for an appointment?

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