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Tips for Caring for a New Dental Crown

Posted on 2/15/2024 by Weo Admin
3D rendered cross-section view of three teeth with dental crowns made of different materialsDental crowns are versatile when it comes to restoring your smile. They help fix any cosmetic flaws and restore the strength of a tooth damaged by trauma or decay. Perhaps the biggest advantage of dental crowns is their durability. However, to attain their maximum durability, you need to take good care of them. There are several things you can do to care for your dental crown, and some of them include:

Good Oral Hygiene

As much as your dental crown is artificial, it needs good oral hygiene to stay firm and healthy. Given that the crown extends over the surface of your tooth, you need to brush the dental crown carefully to get rid of any bacteria and sticky plaque. This helps the crown maintain its durability. Brushing alone will not guarantee healthy dental crowns, so you also need to floss. Flossing is important because it removes food particles and bacteria trapped between the crown and your gums. However, it is important to be careful when flossing, especially if you have a temporary crown. This is because aggressive flossing can dislodge the crown.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods

Another way to care for your dental crown is to avoid hard and sticky foods. As much as dental crowns are strong and durable, they can sustain damage, just like your permanent teeth. Therefore, chewing on hard food items like hard candies or ice can crack, chip, or break your dental crown. As a result, they will need a replacement earlier than expected.

Chewy or sticky foods are also problematic because they weaken or loosen your dental crown. Such foods cause sticky pieces to get trapped between your gum and dental crown. When you bite on the sticky foods, the dental crown could easily be lodged out of position. It gets loose and easily falls out when you fail to take good care of it.

Therefore, you should avoid eating such foods or limit their intake. This will go a long way in keeping your dental crowns healthy and prolonging their effective years. Contact us for professional guidance on how to take care of your dental crown.

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