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The Use of Lasers in Various Dental Procedures

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Dr. John Abajian
The Use of Lasers in Various Dental ProceduresAdvanced dental lasers are transforming many aspects of oral health care. Their unique properties allow extremely precise, minimally invasive treatments for various dental needs.

Cavity Preparation and Fillings

Laser energy can gently remove decay and prepare teeth for fillings or inlays without excessive drilling, heat, vibration, or discomfort. Lasers sterilize the tooth as they cut by killing lingering oral bacteria, reducing recurrence risk. They also roughen tooth surfaces to enable durable filling bonds with less need for anesthetic shots. Patients treated with lasers experience more comfort and faster recovery versus traditional rotary instruments and handpieces.

Gum Reshaping and Rejuvenation

Lasers effectively reshape and recontour inflamed, overgrown gums with little bleeding, pain, or need for sutures. This allows exposure to more tooth structure for crowns or overall aesthetic improvement. Lasers can also remove diseased gum tissues while stimulating the regeneration of healthy gums. This leads to reduced periodontal pocket depth and less risk of future infection.

Biopsies, Lesion Removal and Exposure of Impacted Teeth

Surgical, dental lasers delicately excise soft tissues during biopsies of suspicious lesions with excellent control and precision. Benign growths, tumors, and cysts on the gums, palate, tongue, lips, or inner cheeks can be vaporized without the need for anesthesia or sutures. Lasers safely uncover partially impacted teeth to aid eruption and expose teeth for orthodontic movement. Their cauterizing effect controls bleeding and helps sites heal quickly.

Teeth Whitening, Cavity Detection and Root Canal Sanitation

Lasers activate bleaching agents for accelerated whitening with less sensitivity than other methods. Visible results are achievable in one office session versus days with traditional trays. Lasers can also detect cavities in the enamel that are invisible to dental X-rays. In root canals, laser light eliminates residual bacteria.


Laser dentistry is often anesthesia-free and reduces post-procedure bleeding, swelling, and pain. Lasers allow minimally invasive, customized approaches that conserve healthy tooth structure. Their applications continue expanding, improving patient experiences across an extensive range of treatments.

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