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Understanding Different Types Of Dental Anesthesia

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Dr. John Abajian
Understanding Different Types Of Dental Anesthesia Are you having a dental procedure and are worried stiff about the perceived pain? Worry not. With the help of dental anesthesia we can guarantee you that you will feel no pain at all. Dental anesthesia simply numbs the area undergoing surgery or any dental procedure so that you do not feel any pain. Depending on the procedure, doctors can use anesthesia either while you are awake or asleep.

Local Anesthesia

This is the most frequently used type of dental anesthesia. Local anesthesia takes effect in less than 10 minutes after injection or application. It makes the specific part of the mouth undergoing the procedure numb. With local anesthesia, you remain conscious the whole good time through the procedure. After the treatment, the effects should wane away within a few hours. It is ideal for minimally invasive dental treatments such as filling, root canals, extractions, and scaling, among others.


Sedation, especially in dentistry, serves three main purposes: stabilizing the patient to prevent them from moving, dismissing pain, and getting rid of dental anxiety. Additionally, sedation differs in strength. It could be either mild, moderate, or deep sedation. For mild sedation, you are aware and can respond to the surroundings. For moderate sedation, you remain in a state of semi-consciousness. Deep sedation, on the other hand, is when you are unaware of the surroundings. It is ideal for people with extreme anxiety and dental phobia.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia can be used in two scenarios. First and foremost, for long dental procedures or operations. Secondly, for people who cannot bear dental treatment only under the influence of sedation or local anesthesia. General anesthesia certifies that you are in a momentary state of oblivion. In more medical terms, it is referred to as being in a medically induced coma. Some of the dental procedures that necessitate the use of general anesthesia include jaw surgeries, bone grafting, cleft lip surgeries, cosmetic dental surgeries, and when having multiple extractions. You can be sure that our dentists will take you through all the available options before administering any form of dental anesthesia. Book with us today.

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