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What Are Black Triangles And How Can A Dentist Treat Them?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Dr. John Abajian
What Are Black Triangles And How Can A Dentist Treat Them?Also known as open gingival embrasures, dental black triangles occur between the teeth. They are a type of gap that arises due to gum tissue not entirely filling the space between teeth. Although some gaps can be considered normal, when you have new or widening gaps, they may be a concern for many.

Causes of Black Triangles

Many things can contribute to the formation of black triangle gaps between teeth on the gumline. One element is the tooth shape. Rectangular teeth appear equally wide at the bottom and top. The incisors at the smile zone or front of your mouth can develop black gaps if they are narrower at the area around the gumline than at the biting surface at the top.

Receding gums that become thinner are likely to stop filling up those spaces found between teeth. As such, they leave empty voids resembling black triangles.

Further, aggressive dental hygiene can hurt the gum tissue. It happens when you frequently scrub or floss hard the gums. As a result, you could have gaps between the teeth.

How a Dentist Can Help

Black triangles can signal an oral problem and not a cause for one. Therefore, if you notice spaces forming between the teeth, talk to a dentist. Treatment, by and large, depends on the cause. If gum disease is identified as the culprit, treatment may include scaling and planing to allow the healing gums to refill the gaps.

Also, brush and floss carefully without doing it too aggressively. For significant gum problems, a dentist may do surgery like gum grafting. Alternatively, a dentist may apply veneers or dental resin within the gaps. The resin fills the gaps and veneers cover the front of the affected teeth.

Black triangles are able to attract unwanted attention when they are highly visible. Contact us if you have developed these spaces in your teeth. Our caring dentist will gladly assist you!

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