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How Much Sugar Is Actually in Your Drink?

Posted on 2/6/2023 by Dr. John Abajian
How Much Sugar Is Actually in Your Drink?Sugar is a sweet-tasting soluble carbohydrate. There are two types of sugar, natural and processed. Some sugars in drinks like milk might be natural and may contain nutrients useful to the body while added sugars in soft drinks damage teeth. The World Health Organization recommends taking 25g of sugar or less in a day.

What happens When You Take Excess Sugar?

When you take sugar, the mouth produces acids that help to digest these sugars. The acid then wears out the tooth enamel which may lead to tooth decay and eventually dental cavity. You should keep track of your daily sugar intake by checking the amount of sugar in your drinks. Drinking soft drinks contributes the highest percentage of the sugar you take in a day.

How Much Sugar Is in The Most Common Drinks?

A 330ml bottle of soda contains 7 teaspoons of sugar. This is already the average amount of sugar you should consume in a day. Some people can even take more than one bottle in a day not knowing the damage this may cause in the long run.

Flavored fruit drinks have 2.5 teaspoons of sugar per 250ml cup. Note that these are not the same as fruit juice. Many people make a mistake of thinking they are the same and consume them as healthy drinks.

Flavored milk contains 7 teaspoons per 300ml. This has added sugar and natural sugar that is found in milk. The result is a very high sugar content.

You should try to cut your intake of soft drinks and replace them with water which has zero sugar, fruit juice, tea or coffee without added table sugar. Taking sparkling water can also help if you like the carbonation in sodas. For more information on which drinks you should take, visit our clinic.

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